Ahad, 16 Februari 2014

Musafir Di Bumi Utara..

Bismillah walhamdulillah ..
All praise and thanks dipanjatkan kpdNya and Messenger ..
Allahurobbi ..

thank god .. finally managed to set foot on the ground whatsoever tarbiyyah, KMP earth .. god .. god .. no, I thought, so order n perancanganMu was very beautiful, O God .. who would have thought after almost a year of not setting foot on the ground KMP, DIA finally straighten everything .. thank god ..

Program Road to University Road To Carrier (r2u, r2c) .. during 14-16th February 2014 ..
selected to be a PIC matches UPSI a.k.a Bumi Murobbi .. never comes to participate in this program .. but, in the end, could not deny that this is indeed the heart of KMP .. miss earth earth taught the meaning of brotherhood and love ..

Alhamdulillah .. even xdpt join the program until the end, .. however, is enough to cure longing heart that grows after a long period earthbound north .. hehe .. (* _-)

syukran for friends who were willing to travel to earth bersama2 perlis .. Azie .. InshaAllah nextdestination time with His permission kite jumpe lg deh .. hee .. thanx for everything .. n sori kalo prior understated ad deh .. 0-0 ye .. huhu ..
Alhamdulillah, wearable release longing to kak2 Bangdin cafe, k.tie n k.naa sorry lar .. haha ​​.. maaf lar naa xdpt lame2 chat .. hehe .. InshaAllah next destination time nk Step away from the foot there .. harap2 dpt lg meet you. . biiznillah ..
lastly .. routine xleh live kalo nk p KMP .. hugs and kisses ustazah2 kt units PI .. nk chat with ustza2 n ustazah2 .. god .. even coming this time jumpe xdpt sume, tp terubat bit unbearable yearning for too long xbersua face .. syukran ustzah on 'small grants' ustzah for us ... hopefully we still have our meeting between these slps lg .. InshaAllah .. you are always in my heart .. selama2nya .. Inshallah ..

"Nur Hidayat"- versi perempuan..hee (",) 

bergambar kengangan bersama sahabat2 PI gen12 dan ustazah Zahiroh juga akh Kamarul PI gen11

In closing, so traveling to earth KMP is a long-period cure homesickness kpd stored deep down in almost a year ... thank god .. this is straight, eventually whatsoever foot trail to the north of this earth .. hope there is still time and room to move there lg .. InshaAllah ..

# MogaAllahRedha ..
# SweetMemoryOfKMP
# R2uR2C ..
# KMP - daimanFiiQolbi =)

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